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Award Winners

This part of our video/podcasts section features the winners of our annual Employee Ownership Film Contest.

2020 Winner

Cemen Tech: Strong Buildings, Strong Retirement Accounts

Cemen Tech provides the material for strong buildings—and builds strong retirement accounts with its ESOP.

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2019 Winner

NewAge Industries: We're Owners, Not Just Employees

NewAge Industries is an employee-owned company that is a great place to work and also gives back to the community; this video shows you how.

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2018 Winners

Trinity Logistics: ESOP BOP

Watch as Trinity Logistics employee-owners sing and dance to the tune of their ESOP accounts!

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Torch Culture

Employee-owners describe how their culture and commitment to their colleagues and community make Torch a unique, life-changing place to work.

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2017 Winner

I Am Polyguard

Employees of Polyguard, which started an ESOP in 1987 and is now 100% employee-owned, are shown at home and work as they discuss what it's like to be an owner.

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