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ESOPs in the U.S. with Fewer Than 100 Participants

See the explanation below the map. Note: Depending on your Web browser, Internet connection, and device speed, the map may take a while to load, ranging from perhaps five seconds to a minute or more.

View ESOPs in the U.S. with Fewer Than 100 Participants in a full screen map

This map is limited to companies with fewer than 100 participants (most ESOPs fall into this category). They are color-coded by the start date (year established) as explained on our page for all ESOPs color-coded by start date, as shown in the set of colored pointers and corresponding labels under the map. To limit the companies to those in one or more year groups, click/tap a colored pointer or its label (like "1990-1999"); to restore the original view of all companies, click/tap "Year Established Range" to the left of the pointers and labels. Alternatively, once you have selected one or more groups, you may click/tap the tag that appears for a group to remove it from your view.

Every pointer on the map itself represents an ESOP company. Click a pointer on the map to pop up information about that company if it is not already visible. Click and drag on the surrounding map area if you need to move the popup window.

You can explore the map by zooming in and out or by using the search box at the upper right of the map. (Selecting a search result will limit the map to that company. To restore the original screen, you can, for example, click/tap the tag for your search results that appear near the bottom of the map area, or click/tap the small circular arrow in the upper left of the map.)

To group the map by other parameters, hover over or click/tap "Year Established Range" in the lower-left portion of the map and select a grouping from the menu that pops up.

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Our ESOP databases are maintained by NCEO Research Director Nancy Wiefek. Contact her at or 510-208-1312.

Database of All U.S. ESOPs

You can buy our Database of All ESOPs in the U.S., either as a complete database or by census region at →