A Visual Guide to Employee Ownership
From the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO)

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Videos and Podcasts on Employee Ownership

Watch how companies are using employee ownership and what people are saying about it.

Our video/podcasts section provides perspectives on employee ownership from a variety of sources, from documentaries to Congressional testimony to a video in which Eileen Fisher explains her decision to sell to an ESOP.

National Van Lines


This video showcases the ESOP at National Van Lines. CEO Maureen Beal and others discuss what being employee-owned means to them and what the benefits are. Watch it now.

Culture and Communication at Employee-Owned Companies

Culture and Communication at Employee-Owned Companies

Attendees at NCEO's 2017 annual conference provide an overview of the benefits of an inclusive employee ownership culture, from enhanced collaboration and teamwork to a feeling of family; "we're all in this together." Watch it now.

The Economic Benefits of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan

The Economic Benefits of an ESOP

Attendees at NCEO's 2017 annual conference discuss how employee-owned companies often have improved economic outcomes for all workers, which influences all aspects of the company. Watch it now.

I Am Polyguard

I Am Polyguard

Employees of Polyguard, which started an ESOP in 1987 and is now 100% employee-owned, are shown at home and work as they discuss what it's like to be an owner. Watch it now.

We as Owners

We as Owners - A Message from the Associate-Owners of Hypertherm

The people of 100% employee-owned Hypertherm talk about what ownership means to them, what their values are, and how it makes Hypertherm a better company. Watch it now.

Torch Culture

Torch Culture

Employee-owners discuss what it's like to work at Torch Technologies, an ESOP-owned company with a caring culture where employees give to the community. Watch it now.

Culture and Ownership at New Belgium Brewing

Culture and Ownership at New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium Brewing, profiled in the PBS NewsHour segment included below on this page, produced a video on its vibrant employee ownership culture. Watch it now.

Breaking the Mold: Democracy at Work

Breaking the Mold

This documentary from Williams College tells the story of Marland Mold, a plastic mold manufacturer that become ESOP-owned and democratically managed. After Marland's transformation, business improved dramatically. Watch it now.

Corey Rosen at Stanford

Corey Rosen at Stanford

On October 27, 2005, NCEO founder Corey Rosen went to the Stanford Graduate School of Business to explain why employee ownership works and what some of the best practices are. Watch it now.

Eileen Fisher Explains Why She Chose an ESOP

Eileen Fisher

Fashion entrepreneur Eileen Fisher explains in an Inc. magazine interview why she decided to transfer ownership of her company to employees through an ESOP rather than go public or sell to a larger company. Watch it now.

Interview with Greg Kaupp and Corey Rosen

Corey Rosen

In a 30-minute radio interview, ArcherPoint CEO Greg Kaupp tells his company's ESOP story and NCEO founder Corey Rosen discusses how ESOPs affect companies, owners, employees, and the economy. Listen now.

PBS NewsHour Segment on New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium

In "Brewery workers pour their hearts into business when given a stake," PBS NewHour profiled 100% ESOP-owned New Belgium Brewing and its highly participative ownership culture. Watch it now.

Secretary of Labor Perez Discusses ESOPs

DOL testimony

Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez discussed ESOPs during a March 18, 2015, hearing before a House Committee on Education and the Workforce addressing the DOL's 2016 budget. Watch it now.

We the Owners (mini version)

We the Owners

This is the mini version of We the Owners: Employees Expanding the American Dream, which follows three companies that use employee ownership in different ways (an ESOP, a worker cooperative, and a phantom stock plan). Watch it now.

Common Questions About Themes in We the Owners

We the Owners

Mary Ann Beyster, executive producer of We the Owners, discusses themes that arise in We the Owners: Employees Expanding the American Dream, which is excepted on this site. Watch it now.